17 Times Christmas Day Went Horribly Wrong


Finally: “It was my first year at university, and I decided I wanted to cook a proper Christmas dinner for my dormmates before we all went back home. It spread around the whole building, and soon our small dinner for six turned into a party for 20-plus people. I prepped and prepped, made sure I took all diets into consideration, and decided that the one oven in our dorm wasn’t enough. So I cooked simultaneously in three different dorm kitchens on one floor with no helpers because I’m a control freak. Bear in mind, I could cook well, but I’d never cooked this many dishes at once, so timing them all to be ready together was something I had no idea about.”

“Being a student, I started drinking prosecco halfway through. No harm in a couple of glasses! Well, little did I know, I accidentally filled up the wrong glass, which had neat vodka in it, multiplying my couple of drinks by a few shots. Long story short, I ended up serving three practically raw chickens and a load of burned sides. I was so drunk that I couldn’t put a sentence together — didn’t even want to eat any of the food by that point. I remember strongly hating those chickens by the end of it. Never again.”


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