27 LGBTQ+ YA Books To Curl Up With This Winter

Release date: February 28

What it’s about: Transmasc nonbinary pirate Mar’s got magical powers, but the ability to manipulate fire and ice isn’t the magic they need to save their father’s soul (and the souls of the rest of their ship’s crew) from a poorly considered deal made with el Diablo. They do, however, have the power to return their father’s soul if they make an impossible choice: sacrifice their own soul to save his. Mar knows making a literal deal with the devil is a fool’s errand, so they’re determined to find a way around it with the help of the captain’s hot son, Bas, and genderfluid demonio Dami. And their magic, of course, which Mar is going to have to bust out for the first time in their life, come hell or high water (or both).

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