Affordable Versions Of Sophie Turner’s Cool Oversized Blazer

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The days of blazers being stuffy work attire are long gone. Depending on the cut, the fabric and the styling, blazers can be downright chic. They’re incredibly versatile; throw one over a tee shirt and jeans to jazz up a more casual vibe or pair one with a sexy slip dress and combat boots for date night. The style options are endless. Whether you prefer a boxy cut, slim fit or classic shape, there’s a blazer out there for you. But after spotting actor Sophie Turner in an oversized blazer during Paris Fashion Week, we’re coveting her effortlessly cool oversized silhouette. 

Turner was seen wearing an incredible Louis Vuitton blazer while at the iconic fashion house’s spring show in October, and we haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It captures her effervescent and young yet polished aesthetic, and is doing the work to cement her as a veritable fashion icon. This menswear-inspired blazer has been living in our heads rent-free, and the only solution to this obsession is to replicate this devastatingly stylish look. It is an easy way to add downtown cool and elevate even the simplest of ensembles. The only problem? Turner’s LV blazer comes in at a gasp-inducing $5,250, making it prohibitively expensive for well, pretty much everyone we know.

But not all is lost if you want to cop Turner’s style. We’ve found nine affordable alternatives to her stylish Louis Vuitton stunner, because everyone should be able to put their own spin on this timeless, yet incredibly modern and sophisticated, look. This fabulous style is available at stores like Nordstrom and Madewell, with the most affordable option retailing under $80. 

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