AI reimagines Bollywood actresses in psycho horror movies from the ’60s; see pics

AI has taken over the world and how? What’s interesting is to see that these days we have several pictures surface online as we reimagine stars in different universes. While sometime back there were pictures of them in the Barbie-Oppenheimer world, there are sure some more interesting things seen popping up. The latest is reimaging Bollywood divas in intense looks from ’60s psycho-horror films.

Artist Divyansh Soni has imagined Katrina Kaif with a cap and long trench coat giving off a detective vibe, Alia looks innocent in a sombre look. Anushka Sharma’s bob haircut and pensive eyes make you curious while Deepika Padukone’s expressions will leave you asking for more.

Check out these beautiful creations!

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