Book Recommendations Post! Light Happy Romances (or Light Happy Non-Romances if Those Exist) for Genevieve!

Ready to get your happy on? Genevieve asked for suggestions for very happy low impact romance books, and I feel like this is a group that will have Ideas.

For some context, Genevieve is fighting through some head injury brain issues. So we need something that is NOT electronic (no screens) and does not require a lot of complicated mental struggles to remember plot points and things. Just light, happy, simple, fun.

I honestly can’t remember what I’ve already recommended so I’m just gonna go through EVERYTHING I can think of that fits these parameters!

Janet Evanovich: Currently best selling light mystery author (and those books are super fun too), but started out as a light romance author. A few years back she went into her old romance library, slightly updated them and improved them, and re-issued them. They are EXTREMELY light and tend to also have a lot of light comedy scenes, no angst. Listing out titles below that I recommend:

The Grand Finale



Rocky Road to Romance

Back to the Bedroom

Wife for Hire

Fowl Play

Naughty Neighbor

Hero at Large

Jennifer Crusie: Same thing! Currently she writes actual good romances. Like, with complicated characters and things. Still fun, still light, still happy, but you have to remember backstories (blech!). But she started out writing really light stuff that is a quick read with no brain required, and again she has recently cleaned them up and modernized them and reissued them:

Trust Me on This

Anyone But You

What the Lady Wants

Charlie All Night

Amy Vansant: Pineapple Port Mysteries! These are so FUN! I think they started out as self-published through kindle, but now there are paperback versions available (yay!). Our heroine is a 20-something woman who grew up and still lives in a 50+ retirement community in Florida. She falls into being a private detective, and solves murder mysteries around the retirement home. It’s not Great Literature, but it is super fun and happy and light and quick. I’ve sold myself on them! I need to go back and read the latest few that I haven’t read yet! You can read them in any order (again, SO LIGHT), but the first three are:

Pineapple Lies

Pineapple Mystery Box

Pineapple Puzzles

Katie MacAlister: She never quite made the jump from romance novels to “legit”, but I think she could have. Her books are romantic, sure, but also laugh out loud FUNNY. And her characters are great. I recommend the ones below in particular:

Noble Intentions

The Corset Diaries

Noble Destiny

Okay, what else do you have for Genevieve? Light light light, easy read, fun, distracting, pleasant? And available in paperback?

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