Chatty Post: Starbucks Coupon Question, Dog Question, and Small Child Question!

It’s summer, my brain is melting, I just want to ask light happy chatty questions! And I hope y’all are ready to give me light happy chatty answers.

Starbucks Coupon

I have a coupon for a free coffee that is good for one day only. I’m at the lake house which means it’s a 20 minute drive to the nearest Starbucks. Should I drive 20 minutes to save $5? Or put it another way, should I drive 20 minutes to take $5 from Starbucks?

Dog Question

A friend and I were going back and forth on this. Is it better to have a dog who disobeys you because he really really wants to please you but is too dumb to understand? Or a dog who disobeys you because she is too smart and willful?

Small Child Question

My nephews are visiting in two weeks, yaaaaaaaaaaay! Is it worth it to take the bus for 45 minutes to go to the park with the cool fountain you can play in with lots of other kids and then take the bus home in wet clothes? Do you bring a change of clothes? Do you just use a hose in the backyard instead? Do you make Grandpa drive you down there and drop you off and then circle the block for an hour until you are ready to go home?

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