‘Chocolate Hero’ Waheed Murad 39th Death Anniversary

Waheed Murad, the producer and screenwriter of “Chocolatey Hero,” was honoured for his legendary lifetime contributions to the entertainment industry on Wednesday, the 39th anniversary of his passing.

Despite the fact that it has been 39 long years since Murad passed away, he continues to live on in the memories of his loved ones, friends, and fans.

Murad, who was born on October 2 and moved to Karachi to finish his education. He joined the business his father, Nisar Murad, founded to start his film career as a producer, according to electronic channels.

Insaan Badalta Hai, Murad’s debut film, was released in 1961.

Following that, he started acting and appeared in the 1962 film Aulaad. His debut performance as an actor was a success, and he won over many producers and directors with his mannerisms and dialogue delivery.

He later took the lead role in Heera Aur Pathar, for which he was even nominated for a Nigar Award. With the success of the movie came Murad’s ticket to fame.

Waheed appeared in 124 films in total, 38 of which were in black and white and 86 of which were in colour.
In addition, he won 32 prestigious film awards, and in November 2010 he received the Sitara-e-Imtiaz award for his outstanding contributions to literature and the arts.

While in Lahore filming “Hero” on November 23, 1983, Waheed Murad passed away.

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