Chris Pratt sparks DCU rumors after Superman set visit

Chris Pratt recently visited the set of James Gunn’s Superman, triggering rumors that he could potentially join the DCU.

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With filming on James Gunn’s Superman having taken flight, we’re excited for any updates and revelations that come with each passing day. Of course, with Gunn’s frequent use of social media, we expect a lot of both. But one recent snapshot has prompted some additional speculation, with fans wondering if Star-Lord could be crashing the DCU after a set visit from Chris Pratt.

Approached by TMZ about the photo, Pratt diabolically – and jokingly – putting his hands together as if a plan has been concocted for him to enter the DCU. Naturally, he didn’t outright confirm nor deny the potential, saying, “Well, there’s always a chance. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to spoil it here on the sidewalk with you…[I could] but I better not.” As for if there was a particular character Pratt would like to play for DC, he added, “Man, I just have to leave that to the fans and people like James to decide. I’m not exactly sure, I’m truly not sure.”

Chris Pratt and James Gunn, of course, are pretty tight, having worked together on the Guardians of the Galaxy trilogy. Pratt even mentioned that if his schedule allowed for it and there was a logical reason for him to join the DCU, he would be game. Even still, considering Pratt has said he would like to continue playing Star-Lord and a distinct jump from the MCU to the DCU would seem unprecedented considering the embedded studio rivalry, we don’t truly expect the actor to actually be signing on for any projects soon. Backed by the point that Marvel is gearing up for Avengers 5 and it all just feels highly unlikely to be on the horizon.

Then again, Chris Pratt hasn’t been shy in the past about his interest in joining the DCU and James Gunn has said an MCU/DCU crossover is certainly possible. While he claimed last year he hadn’t actually spoken to Gunn about that prospect, that he turned up on the Superman set put in motion rumors that maybe he and the director finally did have a sitdown on the matter.

Do you see Chris Pratt suiting up for the DCU in the future? If so, which character do you envision him playing? Give us your pick below!

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