Daddy (or Zaddy) vs Daddy vs Daddy! Which is Best Mature SRK?

Yes yes, Jawan has added a strong competitor to the field. But does that mean we forget Dear Zindagi? Or Raees? Or Dilwale? Or any of the other nice hot mature SRK versions?

Someone who is older, comfortable in himself and who he is, learned from the many mistakes he has made in life, capable of handling anything from a 6 year old’s birthday to a tax audit, that kind of SRK. Who, like, would teach you about really good coffee buy wouldn’t feel patronizing when he does it.

From the level of “I’d hire him to coach soccer for my kid’s team, but I wouldn’t want to get stuck in a conversation with him” to “If I were a single parent, I would absolutely agree to marry him after two meetings because he is such a perfect father figure”, how would you rank these?

Jawan SRK

Pathaan SRK

Raees SRK

Dear Zindagi SRK

Dilwale SRK

Jab Tak Hain Jaan SRK

Chak De! India SRK

For me, Best to worst:

Dilwale SRK: he’s so sweeeeeeeeeet. And a good businessman, and he cooks, and if necessary he can also beat people up and fix your car.

Chak De SRK: Yes, he’s kind of really dull. But dull in a reassuring way, the kind of dull that means he will always be early at pickup time at school and will remember to get the oil changed in the car and so on. I would be very happy living with that sort of pleasant dull person who would support me in anything I want.

Jawan SRK: I like his “I see a problem, I fix a problem” attitude. But he is lacking the emotional support componant.

Pathaan SRK: Weirdly, one of the less thrill seeking people on this list. He has good people skills, a solid group of friends (always a healthy sign), and when he’s not working, he would be happy just hanging out on a sunny beach. Still more thrill seeking than my top two SRK’s though.

Dear Zindagi SRK: I just think he is probably SUPER messed up in a way that will either keep him from ever opening up to you, or will make him open up toooooooooooooo much and suddenly he’s sobbing in your arms until 6am.

Jab Tak Hain Jaan SRK: I think DZ SRK is messed up, but I know for sure that JTHJ SRK is messed up! If you could untangle him, obviously he would be awesome. But so much work to start with!

Raees SRK: He is alllllllllllll about the thrill seeking. Even if he wasn’t a gangster, he’d, like, start playing Rugby on weekends or something. He’s not gonna be happy just sitting around binging stuff on Netflix.

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