DCIB WatchAlong: Saturday or Sunday or Friday? Yeh Dillagi or Pardes or Khoobsurat (Urmila version) or Main Khiladi Tu Anari? Or Something Else???

I’m feeling 90s! Fun cheap colorful light and happy. And luckily the winds of fate have brought some new options to Prime! Regular Prime, not ErosNow prime. Anyone else interested in a watchalong this weekend?

Anything happy and silly and 90s, I really don’t care! I listed some up above that I know are good and fun and dumb, but feel free to throw in your own choices.

Or just pick blindly based on Yeh Dillagi being a good Kajol, Pardes being a good SRK, Khoobsurat being a fun Sanju, or MKTA being Peak Sakshay.

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