DCIB Zoom Discussion: Anamika! In 2 Weeks! Who’s Around??

I am almost at the end of my crazy busy summer schedule zone (sister and nephews visited, now I am visiting them, and in the 2 weeks in between I was covering for all my coworkers who had their only family summer stuff! And then a week from today, I am done and will have NOTHING. And will think “boy I wish I had a DCIB Zoom Discussion scheduled!” So that’s what I’m doing.


This is one of favorite favorite favorite older movies, and I swear I wasn’t the one who suggested it! It’s totally delightful, there’s a snowball fight, and Jaya looking cute in menswear, and one of the all time strangest Helen cabaret songs.

It’s only about two hours, it’s on Prime and other places, should be easy for anyone who wants to to find and watch in the next 2 weeks!

So, Friday the 19th?

Saturday the 20th?

Sunday the 21st?

Who’s interested and available?

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