Did Joshua Jackson & Jodie Turner-Smith Secretly Separate OVER A YEAR AGO?! And Fake It For Money?!

Well. This is a different take.

So far as we knew Jodie Turner-Smith and Joshua Jackson‘s divorce was out of nowhere! Something happened, apparently on September 13, to make Jodie file less than three weeks later. But what if… what if that’s the cover? And the truth is that the relationship has been a lie? At least for a long damn time.

We only ever saw the couple looking lovey-dovey and perfect. So much that the hot Hollywood power couple got a deal modeling together. Which, of course, a divorce would jeopardize. Hmm…

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OK, with that info in mind, when DeuxMoi was asked about the breakup on Monday, they pulled up an old blind item they got emailed titled “I don’t want to wait” — like the Dawson’s Creek theme song. The submission began:

“This very attractive B-list acting couple have been estranged for a couple of months now. They recently stopped following each other on Instagram… Note that wife’s BFF has also unfollowed husband, and vice versa.”

“Recently.” “Estranged for a couple of months.” The crazy thing about this post is, it was from back in September. September 2022! If this was accurate, it would mean they’ve been separated since around July of 2022! That’s like 15 months now!

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Folks did notice around that time that they seemingly unfollowed one another on Instagram, we remember — but it happened just as Josh was saying the sweetest things about his baby momma in an interview. Besides, they went right back to following one another. So it just kind of flew under the radar.

But the question is, why would they keep it secret so long? Why not just split and get it over with? We mean, we’ve seen them looking loved up as recently as September of this year. As in, a few weeks ago, the day before their separation date even!

Well, the original blind item could hold the answer. The emailer also mentioned:

“Ironically, the public distance comes amidst a PR campaign they are doing for a big brand showcasing their togetherness.”

What would that be? They’ve had a couple deals posing together now, as a couple. There’s a J.Crew campaign since 2021!

What a gorgeous couple… No wonder J.Crew went after them!

And then there was a Motorola collab:

There may be others we’ve forgotten. But they were a hot package deal. Always as a couple. And like we said, a divorce would kind of implode their whole brand, that special appeal, right? Hmm.

So did they really pretend to be fine for months — over a year — to keep securing that bag? Or maybe to fulfill some contractual obligations or something? It’s a fascinating theory. They ARE both good enough actors to pull it off. But if so, damn. They really had us fooled.

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Did they really break up so long ago? Or is there really nothing to this theory — and the real drama just happened??

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Jodie Turner-Smith/Instagram.]

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