Festival Trailer for Animated Film ‘Diplodocus’ with a Little Dinosaur

Festival Trailer for Animated Film ‘Diplodocus’ with a Little Dinosaur

by Alex Billington
June 21, 2024
Source: YouTube

Diplodocus Trailer

“You know what? Why aren’t we doing what we want?!” An early promo trailer is available online for the Polish animated movie titled Diplodocus, an especially unique creation about a little green dinosaur from filmmaker Wojtek Wawszczyk. You have to get a look at this! The independent animated film just premiered at the 2024 Annecy Film Festival last month (here’s my review). Little dino Diplodocus ends up on a magical adventure to save his parents who have disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Alongside a wizard and two quirky scientists, he encounters fantastical creatures and amazing places along the way. It’s not at all anything like Pixar’s The Good Dinosaur, it’s a different multiverse-hopping, meta, wacky adventure. The comic book artist segment is live-action, and he is told to erase these characters to create something more “cute” like a kitty, and in the animated world, everything begins to literally be erased. It’s a remarkably fun concept, and all the characters are amusing and slightly weird, but it makes for an entertaining experience.

Here’s the first look festival trailer (+ poster) for Wojtek Wawszczyk’s Diplodocus, direct from YouTube:

Diplodocus Poster

Quick intro via Annecy: “Little dinosaur Diplodocus dreams of having a great adventure. Unfortunately, his overprotective parents won’t let him explore the beautiful but dangerous world beyond the wall they have built to protect their home in the jungle. Diplo doesn’t yet know that his world is actually part of a comic book created by Ted, an artist dreaming of success.” Diplodocus, also known as Smok Diplodok in Polish, is written and directed by Polish animation filmmaker Wojtek Wawszczyk, making his second feature film after directing Jez Jerzy previously, plus a few other short films. Produced by Human Film & PFX; and by Maks Sikora, Markéta Sprenclova, and Jiri Mika. And with support from the Polish Film Institute. This just premiered at the 2024 Annecy Film Festival earlier this month. It will debut in Polish cinemas in October this year. The film doesn’t have an official US release date set yet – stay tuned for updates. Look any good?


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