Freddy Review | A Thriller That Maintains Consistency in Letting You Down

Freddy, the new Kartik Aaryan film, is a thriller that consistently gives you hope that it will offer something fresh but maintains consistency in letting you down. Clocked at roughly two hours, this story of a psychopath dentist runs out of ideas and looks like a hastily developed OTT subject that isn’t bothered about the end result.

Freddy Ginwala is a dentist in Mumbai’s Matunga area. He lost his father and mother at a very young age, and his social skills aren’t good. He was looking for a girl for a serious relationship, and nothing ever worked out for him. The story of Freddy revolves around his connection with a married woman named Kainaaz Irani. How they connected with one another and how the desire to live a life with her changes everything for Freddy is what we witness in this film.

Freddy, in its initial areas, is not really a boring film. You will find yourself interested in knowing more about this character. But once the major twist is established, the graph is supposed to go up in terms of thrills and surprises, but the screenplay written by Parveez Shaikh is either flat or underwhelming. Our hero’s moves are very familiar, and the tone shift of certain characters is a bit too Abbas Mustan-level cheesy.

Kartik Aaryan, by default, has this loud style, and when he tries to be this introverted guy with poor social skills, the acting becomes very evident, and it is really tough to root for such a performance. For Alaya F, the movie offers a character contrasting with what she had done in Jawaani Janeman. Karan A Pandit, as Raymond, is rightly called a protein shake as his acting chops are lackluster.

Shashanka Ghosh, who had another terrible release this year in the form of Plan A Plan B, seems to be struggling in picking potent scripts. The familiar beats of this thriller with no major character exposition make everything look very unexciting. The glossily staged frames by Ayananka Bose definitely look stunning. But ad film-like frames are not the only prerequisite of a solid thriller.

Freddy is an underwhelming thriller that wants the central character to be peculiar. But the story’s trajectory looks highly predictable, and there is rarely an intention here to make us understand Freddy’s psychopathic behavior. Establishing why that sorry was so important for a character like Freddy would have added some depth to this movie, which, sadly, the makers weren’t bothered about.

Final Thoughts

Freddy is a thriller that consistently gives you hope that it will offer something fresh but maintains consistency in letting you down.


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