Gino Tells Jasmine Why His Ex Didn’t Sign a Prenup, Admits Request to Write a Will Scares Him (Tell All Sneak Peek)

During Part 1 of the 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6 Tell All special, cast members labeled Jasmine and Gino the most toxic couple.

Yes, that is accurate. Even more toxic than Riley and Violet — a couple that had (thankfully, finally) broken up.

During Part 2, the couple open up about the conflicts that led to their most explosive, nasty fights.

One was the prenup. Gino admits that he didn’t ask his first wife to sign a prenup. He also admits that Jasmine’s request for him to write a will scares him.

Gino Palazzolo and Jasmine Pineda speak in this sneak peak for the Tell All Part 2 of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days Season 6. (TLC)

Previously, Gino married a different woman. Denise, his ex-wife, was from Brazil. Gino met her there for work, and brought her home to Michigan on a K-1 visa.

In Entertainment Tonight‘s sneak peek clip, Gino explains why Denise never faced the prenup question.

“She was working and she had her own retirement account with good investments,” Gino reasoned.

Gino and Jasmine tried to laugh off some of their tense moments during the Tell All. (TLC)

“Now I’m not saying something’s going to happen to us,” Gino says. That means that he has more confidence in his relationship than the rest of us do.

“But there’s a small chance that, you know, something could happen,” he admits.

Gino adds: “I have to protect myself.”

Jasmine knows what many of her castmates think of her. (TLC)

Gino also explained that Jasmine’s request for him to draw up a will left him feeling kind of spooked.

Jasmine stresses out that she hasn’t met his family. If something awful happened, she doesn’t trust that they’d help her.

What if she came all the way to Michigan only to end up alone, mourning a dead man and a mandatory return trip to Panama?

Gino and Jasmine have a number of unique pillows. (TLC)

“First of all when I hear she wants to do a will, that scares me,” Gino expresses.

“Like, what, am I going to be murdered?” he asks.

Gino goes on: “And it’s like, we haven’t even gotten married yet. That scares me.”

Meisha had an … interesting proposal experience. (TLC)

They both made solid points — yes, really — during this debate. Thankfully, on the Tell All stage, both were calmer.

Meisha noted that she is Team Jasmine, suggesting that a prenup “immediately puts someone on guard.”

Statler and Dempsey disagreed, with Dempsey pointing out: “You never know what can happen.” Exactly. Don’t let romantic ideals rob you of your home and savings.

“Baby, I’m gonna miss you,” Jasmine tells Gino as they approach the airport. (TLC)

We here at THG are not attorneys and would not presume to offer legal advice. But we have discussed prenups before.

In simple terms, everyone who marries has a “prenup.” It’s the laws of wherever you happen to be.

If you marry in Michigan, live in Michigan, and divorce in Michigan, then your divorce — including division of assets and more — happens according to Michigan law.

Gino and Jasmine had numerous fights. Very few of them made any sense. (TLC)

Gino and Jasmine could simply look up Michigan divorce law and decide what is right, or wrong, for them.

If they like what’s on the books, then there’s likely no need for a prenup.

However, if they don’t like it, then they can agree upon something that they will like. Gino and Jasmine can each have an attorney (the monied partner should always pay for both, when applicable) who iron out the details and advise their clients.

Jasmine did not respond well to a delay of her visa interview. (TLC)

Simply put, prenups aren’t just for rich people. And even when one partner is wealthy, some prenups can be life-saving for the less wealthy partner.

It is possible that this is a generational difference. Meisha is gorgeous, but she is right on the cusp between eldest Millennials and Gen X. (She has very Gen X vibes) Statler and Dempsey are, of course, Millennials.

And prenups are much more popular among Millennials, who (as a whole) would rather figure out how to divide things while they still in love than wait until they potentially hate each other. It’s sensible. Too sensible for Gino and Jasmine.

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