India Lockdown Budget OTT Views Hit or Flop Box Office Collection

India Lockdown was released on Zee5 this week and in this post, we dissect its performance, Budget the number of views it got on Zee 5 in India, its success whether it is a hit or a flop, and where it ranks overall in its opening weekend.

India Lockdown OTT Views

India Lockdown got 2.1 Million views in its opening weekend on Zee 5 in India and was outside of top 5 OTT shows and movies in India. Anything which opens on OTT gets at least 2 Million views so this is the least view criterion that ranks as a flop in our database. Madhur Bhandarkar’s previous movie Babli bouncer got a pretty good 5.5 Million views so this is a disappointment but that movie was picked by Hotstar so it had a higher chance of success as that is the most popular OTT in India.

Is India Lockdown Hit or Flop

India Lockdown is  a Flop with 21 Lakhs (2.1 Million) views. India Lockdown needed to reach more than  40 Lakh viewers in its opening weekend in India at Zee 5 to be called an Average and should cross more than 70 lakh Views to be called a Hit.  India Lockdown did not release at the box office so there are no collections to measure hit or flop so we follow the below criteria for hit or flop ( Note Zee 5 has internal criteria and it takes global views into account while deciding if a movie is a success or not) and all the streamers have the data on completion rate i.e how many people finished watching the movie which decides whether the movie is good or bad.


Less Than 40 Lakh Views Movie is a flop OTT could have invested a lesser amount in a web series and gotten the same views

40 -70 Lakh views Movie is an Average on OTT

70 Lakh –  80 Lakh Views Movie is a Hit

80 Lakh Views to 1 Crore Views Movie is a Super Hit

1 Crore + Views Movie is Blockbuster on OTT

India Lockdown Budget

It is estimated that India Lockdown had a budget of 25 Crores

Where to Watch India Lockdown on OTT

India Lockdown can be watched on Zee 5 here

Most Watched Direct to OTT Movies

  1. Cuttputli- 8 Million views
  2. Hum Do Humare Do – 6.8 Million Views
  3. Darlings -6.7 Million Views
  4. Gehariyaan – 6.2 Million Views
  5. Freddy-6.1 Million Views
  6. Babli Bouncer – 5.5 Million Views
  7. Good Luck Jerry  – 4.9 Million Views
  8. Maja Maa – 4.4 Million Views
  9. Dhamaka – 4.1 Million Views
  10. Jogi – 4 Million Views
  11. Shershaah – 3.8 Million Views
  12. Sardar Uddham -3.8 Million Views
  13. Monica O My Darling – 3.6 Million Views
  14. Bhuj – 3.6 Million Views
  15. Shiddat – 3.4 Million Views
  16. Haseen Dilruba – 3.2 Million Views
  17. Sanak – 3 Million Views
  18. Dybbuk – 3 Million Views
  19. Plan A Plan B – 2.9 Million Views
  20. Meenakshi Sunderashwar -2.8 Million Views
  21. India Lockdown -2.1 Million Views

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