Interview: Vivek Agnihotri (‘The Vaccine War’)

Well, you know what happens in India? The staunchest critic of Vedas is celebrated as ninth incarnation of Vishnu. But unfortunately, both believer and non-believers of our era (not religious believes, belief being any endorsement of a particular idea) are equally intolerant thus..

Times are polarizing for sure, but don’t you think it takes existence of two extreme poles to have any polarization. It has always baffled me how Anurag Kashyap talking ill of Kashmir File is not hate mongering but Vivek Agnihotri talking ill of Bollywood is.

Just to be clear, I am a huge fan of Anurag’s cinema but here the case is less about films and more about one side ever ready to cancel the other and all this while each side pretending to be more superior, more informed and more cultured than the other. Still cancelling by one is fascism and cancelling by other is freedom of expression.

We have certainly a long way go, in all directions, left, right, center!!!

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