Jake Scott Creates Dynamic Experience At Headlining Nashville Show

In a city full of country music, Nashville is also a prime area for other genres including pop. Last night, rising pop singer-songwriter Jake Scott headlined Marathon Music Works with special guests Josh Door and Sam MacPherson.

Kicking off the show with bright light and a bang, Jake Scott came onto the stage in an energetic style that instantly brought the crowd to a new level. As he began the opening set with “Can We Just Be Happy Now,” Josie Dunne joined.

Photo Credit: Connor Dwyer 

Heading into the second song of the night, Jake brought energy throughout every song including his next performed songs “Texas Girl,” and “Like This,” and a song was written by his clear inspiration for most songs, his wife Rachel in “Maybe.”

If you’ve been following the work of Jake Scott, you know that Josh Kerr is a frequent collaborator as well as a fantastic friend. As Josh joined Jake for “If You Wanted Too,” the crowd lit up and watched the epic dynamic of both Kerr and Scott.

Photo Credit: Connor Dwyer 

At the show, he announced the release of his first-ever full-length album and sang an unreleased song which happens to be the title of his tour, “Lavender.” Scott said that it will be released at the beginning of 2023, with no specific date given.

As he continued to sing throughout the night there was no doubt that this guy will be performing in a sold-out stadium in the near future. When Jake begins each song, there’s an indescribable energy he brings into his set.

As Taylor Swift dropped her new album, “Midnights,” last week, Jake sang a cover of “All Too Well” which he released on streaming platforms prior. With his energy, we can only hope that a collaboration or Jake opening for Swift is in the near future!

An incredible songwriter and multi-genre artist, Jake achieved new heights as he joined country artist Russell Dickerson on their now platinum single, “She Like’s It.” As Russell joined Jake on the stage, the chemistry and friendship is very clear which made the energy feel a whole new level.

Photo Credit: Connor Dwyer 

Overall, Jake isn’t an artist to underestimate. With the production of the show, Jake focused on every single moment of the show to create a very special experience for everyone attending the show.

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