Jawan Silly Discussion Post: What Should Be Our DCIB Terms to Identify the 2 SRKs? SRK 1 and SRK 2? Son and Father SRK? Big Daddy SRK and Robin Hood?

There seems to be a great diversity of opinion here, and I think we should dedicate some time and space to this Very Important Issue.

So we have 3 SRKs to identify:

Young Vikram SRK

Old Vikram SRK

(fan youtube edit following that will probably be pulled shortly after this post goes up)

Azad SRK

And here are our nickname options!

Young Vikram

  1. Mustache SRK
  2. Army SRK
  3. Dad SRK
  4. Deepika’s SRK

Old Vikram

  1. Daddy SRK
  2. Big Daddy SRK
  3. Cigar SRK
  4. Old SRK


  1. Young SRK
  2. Robin Hood SRK
  3. Warden SRK
  4. Nayanthara’s SRK

My personal vote is Mustache, Big Daddy, and Robin Hood. How about you? Or do you have other ideas to suggest?

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