Kamal Haasan reveals he will have more to do in Kalki 2898 AD Part 2

Kamal Haasan is making headlines for his impactful role in the sci-fi film Kalki 2898 AD. However, the star had a short role in the Nag-Ashwin directorial led by Prabhas, appearing only in an extended cameo. Now, he has revealed what’s next for his terrifying character.

At a press conference in Chennai, Kamal Haasan assured fans that they will see more of him as Supreme Yaskin in Kalki 2898 AD Part 2. He shared, “In Kalki, I have played a small role that makes an appearance for a few minutes only. My real part in the film has only begun and I will have more to do in the second part. So, I watched this film as a fan and I was astonished.”

Kamal Haasan Kalki 2898 AD

He further added, “We have been seeing many signifiers that Indian cinema is moving towards global entertainment, and Kalki 2898 AD is one among them. Nag Ashwin carefully handled the subject of mythology without any religious bias.” 

Kamal Haasan Kalki 2898 AD

Kalki 2898 AD ended on a cliffhanger. The film sets up a sequel as Kamal Haasan’s Yaskin gears up to enter the battlefield.

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