Karan Johar files suit in Bombay High Court over unauthorized use of his name

Director Karan Johar has moved to Bombay High Court to file a suit over unauthorized use of his name in the film ‘Shaadi Ke Director Karan Aur Johar,’ seeking to remove the filmmaker’s name from the title of the film.

Karan Johar

Karan has also filed an interim application seeking urgent relief of restraining the film’s release scheduled on Friday, during the pendency of the suit. The director claims that he has no affiliation to the film and the defendants are using his name unlawfully. 

Karan Johar

The filmmaker has sought a permanent removal of the use of his name in the title of the film including any scenes and promotional materials such as advertisements, social media posts and posters. Johar has repeatedly stressed on the fact that he has no relation with the film.

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