Lily Allen Launches An OnlyFans Of Just FEET PICS For Foot Fetishists! Yes, Really!

Lily Allen may not be the most adventurous gal in the sack, by her own recent TMI admission… but she knows a moneymaker when she sees it!

The Smile singer said last week on her podcast that she’d learned her feet were “rated quite highly on the internet.” Apparently foot fetishists (and other pedal admirers) rank celeb tootsies on wikiFeet. It’s a whole thing. Upon learning, she joked about how she could “make a lot of money selling foot content.”

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Surprisingly she turned out not to be joking! That or the siren song of cold hard cash was too strong to ignore. In any case, she really did it!

Lily launched an OnlyFans account just for pics of her feet, and she’s charging $10 to take a peek at her little piggies! The page is called Lily Allen FTSE500, and as of this writing she’s posted 4 photos and 6 videos. She’s even posted some teaser footage on her Instagram Stories to promote it! Like this one apparently featuring her painted ladies in Italy:

Lily Allen Feet OnlyFans 1
(c) Lily Allen/Instagram Stories

Other photo titles include “summer pedicure” and “sole trader.”

This isn’t a joke! That link really goes to her OnlyFans page — and you can, too, right HERE!

Lily Allen OnlyFans
(c) Lily Allen/OnlyFans

Wow. This is going to make it so much harder to get away with kink-shaming hubby David Harbour! LOLz! What do YOU think of Lily selling pics of her feet online??

[Image via Lily Allen/Instagram.]

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