Mukhachitram Movie Review & Rating [ Hit or Flop ] 2022

Mukhachitram Movie Review and Rating

Mukhachitram Movie Review: Mukhachitram movie directed by Gangadhar, stars Vishwak Sen in a cameo role. The film was released on December 9, and OTT streaming will begin once the theatre run concludes.

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With the Mukhachitram Movie trailers and teasers, Sandeep Raj, Vikas Vasishta, and Priya Vadlamani’s film piqued everyone’s interest. So, Let’s take a look at the Mukhachitram movie review and see how it goes.

Mukhachitram Movie Cast and Crew

Movie NameMukhachitram Telugu Movie (2022)
GenreThriller, Romance
Release Date9th, December 2022
Main Lead ActorsVikas Vasista, Vishwak Sen, Priya Vadlamani, Chaitanya Rao, Ravishankar, Ayesha Khan, and many others
CinematographySreenivas Bejugam
EditorPavan Kalyan Kodati
ProducersPradeep Yadav, and Mohan Yella
Music DirectorKaala Bhairava

Mukhachitram Movie Story

Before going into Mukhachitram movie rating let us talk a bit about its story. Mukhachitram’s story revolves around shocking events that occur in the lives of a newly married couple and the consequences of such events.

Dr. Raj Kumar (Vikas Vasishta), a prominent plastic surgeon, falls in love with and marries Mahathi (Priya Vadlamani). But another girl, Maya Fernandez (Ayesha Khan), has loved him since she was a child, and Raj’s marriage disappoints her.

Watch the film to know more about those horrible episodes and how they relate to Dr. Satya (Chaitanya Rao), Dr. Neeladri Varma (Sunil), and amateur attorney Viswamitra (Vishwaksen).

Let’s get into the article to know more about the Mukhachitram movie review.

Mukhachitram Movie Plus Points

  • The creators should be commended for selecting a delicate yet current theme and delivering it without hesitation. The film’s heart and soul are the societal message it conveys, which makes the public think seriously.
  • Coming to the performances of the Mukhachitram movie cast Priya Vadlmani’s performance is essential to the picture. She demonstrates two sides of her personality: a lovely wife and a fierce lady. She carried both characters very well.
  • The Interval block is excellent, laying the groundwork for the tense second half. The speed increases in the second half of the narrative, and it continues well from there.
  • The impacting performances of all the performers heighten the situations throughout the pre-climax and climax. The court sequences featuring Ravi Shankar and Vishwak Sen provided the plot with much-needed energy.
  • One of the biggest plus points while talking about Mukhachitram movie review is Ravi Shankar and Vishwak Sen. These two Mukhachitram movie cast members given a high impact on the film in court the scene.
  • Chaitanya and Ayesha Khan were good in their roles.

Mukhachitram Movie Minus points

  • The film has a fantastic premise, but the storyline isn’t very compelling, diminishing the overall effect of the picture. The storyline and treatment distract utterly from the film.
  • The romance plot between the main characters was ineffective, and the comedy was inconsistent.
  • The judicial procedures were made artificial by illogical features and over-the-top dialogues.
  • The picture got a little crazy and melodramatic at times. If everything had remained normal, the message may have been much more powerful.
  • Ravi Shankar and Vishwak Sen seemed to go far with their comments and antics, becoming too loud in the court scene.

Technical Aspects

Coming to technicalities in the Mukhachitram movie review, the film’s technical and production values are mediocre. The film is a roller coaster ride hitting new heights in a few moments and at times plunging down totally.

Gangadhar’s direction is excellent, while Sandeep Raj’s writing is inconsistent. In important scenes, Kaala Bhairava’s background soundtrack is tremendous. Sreenivas Bejugam’s cinematography is excellent, as are the production values.

The editing crew should have cut a few needless sequences and edited the film down a little.


A concluding note on the Mukhachitram movie review is it has a meaningful theme that only works in portions. The second hour is passable, with some interesting twists and decent acting.

To appreciate all of this, though, one must endure a dreadful first half. They are effective to some part because they have written great dialogues to connect with the public. Despite their good intentions, they missed numerous logic, particularly in the pre-climax and climax.

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Mukhachitram Movie Review and Rating

Crazy Movie Updates Team ( S K ) – 2.75/5

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