“Na satire latho ninnu retire chestha.” NBK On Unstoppable Season 3

“Na satire latho ninnu retire chestha.” NBK On Unstoppable Season 3

Balakrishna, the renowned actor, is all set to make his return to the OTT space with the highly anticipated third season of his hit talk show, Unstoppable. And to kick off the new season, the team of the blockbuster film Bhagavanth Kesari will be gracing the first episode. Excitingly, this episode will be available for streaming on Aha from October 17. The showrunners recently unveiled the promo for this much-awaited episode, leaving fans buzzing with anticipation. In the promo, Balakrishna himself assures viewers that the fun will be unlimited in this limited edition of Unstoppable.

During the episode, Balakrishna highlights Kajal’s performance in Bhagavanth Kesari, praising her for playing a mature role. As the episode progresses, Balayya playfully teases director Anil Ravipudi, who is seated between Kajal and Sreeleela. Balakrishna humorously mentions that Anil Ravipudi has had the opportunity to work with him, a Konidela hero and a Daggubati hero – a statement that adds an extra layer of entertainment to the conversation.

Furthermore, Balakrishna points out that Sreeleela has recently become one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry, a testament to her talent and rising popularity.

unstoppable with NBK

Anil Ravipudi, not to be outdone, expresses his desire to collaborate with Balayya on a full-on fun entertainer. Balakrishna, never one to shy away from humor, responds with a witty remark, saying, “Na satire latho ninnu retire chestha” (I will make you retire with my satire). This playful banter between the two promises to keep the audience entertained throughout the episode.

Adding to the excitement, Balakrishna surprises everyone by grooving to a Hindi song with the film’s antagonist, Arjun Rampal. The unexpected dance number showcases Balayya’s versatility and his ability to embrace different styles of entertainment.

Inquisitive as always, Balakrishna asks Sreeleela about the hero who has flirted with her in the industry, sparking curiosity and laughter among the guests and viewers alike. Additionally, he addresses Anil Ravipudi’s alleged issue with Tamannaah, further fueling the entertaining atmosphere.

“Na satire latho ninnu retire chestha.” NBK On Unstoppable Season 3

With its mix of humor, dance, and intriguing conversations, the promo for the first episode of Unstoppable’s third season promises solid entertainment. Fans of Balakrishna and the show are eagerly waiting for the episode to drop, anticipating a laughter-filled episode that will keep them captivated from start to finish.

Make sure to mark your calendars for October 17, as Balakrishna’s Unstoppable returns to the OTT space with a bang. Prepare yourself for unlimited fun and entertainment as the legendary actor, along with the team of Bhagavanth Kesari, sets the stage for an unforgettable episode.

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