Nani 31: OG Actress Priyanka Mohan on Board as Lead Heroine

The much-anticipated Nani 31 project has officially been confirmed, sending waves of anticipation across the industry. Tollywood big producers DVV Danyya confirmed Nani and director Vivke Athreya next movie Nani 31 yesterday released glimpse about movie. Makers also confirmed Nani 31 first look will be on October 23rd and Pooja ceremony on 24rd. Regular shooting continues after Pooja.

Nani 31 makers confirmed OG actress Priyanka Mohan on board as a lead Heroine and released new poster. Both lead actress worked for Gang Leader movie and again paring for this movie. According to the reports, makers locked Saripoda Sanivaram title for Nani 31.

The news was accompanied by the release of a captivating new poster, creating a buzz among fans who eagerly await this dynamic ccollaboration. Nani31 stellar cast details will be revealed coming days.

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