Preminchoddu: A Fresh Take on Love Triangle

Preminchoddu Movie Review & Rating

– Anuroop
– Dev Malishetti
– Sonali Garje
– Sarika
– Manasa
– Lahari
– Yashwant Pendyala
– Santoshi and others

Technical Crew:
– Banner: Sirin Sriram Cafe
– Writer, Editor, Producer, Director: Sirin Sriram
– D.O.P.: Harsha Kodali
– Music: Chaitanya Sravanthi
– Background Music: Kamran
– Lyrics: Sri Sai Kiran
– Sound Mixing: Aravind Menon

Preminchoddu: A Fresh Take on Love Triangle

“Preminchoddu” revolves around a love triangle between a girl and two boys. Lalasa (Sarika) is initially in love with Kamal (Anuroop) but unexpectedly falls for Saras (Dev Malishetti). Both Kamal and Saras love Lalasa deeply and are willing to do anything for her. Lalasa likes both of them but is confused about her feelings. The film explores why Saras enters Kamal’s life and whom Lalasa ultimately chooses. To uncover the twists and turns, you must watch “Preminchoddu.”

The film begins with a college setting and is humorous throughout the first half. The second half blends comedy with substantial content, featuring a powerful interval scene and a notable pre-climax and climax. The suspense about Lalasa’s final choice is a key highlight that keeps the audience engaged.

Sarika delivers an impressive performance as Lalasa. Anuroop and Dev Malishetti effectively portray Kamal and Saras, particularly in the climax. The supporting cast, playing the roles of friends, also perform well.

Director Sirin Sriram maintains the film’s interest without any dull moments. The locations and costumes are well-chosen.

The film excels technically with good editing, cinematography, music, songs, and background score. Those who appreciate unique stories will definitely enjoy this movie.

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