Sunny Deol Refutes Rs 50 Cr Fee Claim; Says ‘Gadar 3 Ke Liye Taiyaar Hu’ On Aap Ki Adalat

Sunny Deol reprised the role of Tara Singh in Gadar 2.

Sunny Deol reprised the role of Tara Singh in Gadar 2.

Sunny Deol has said that while he’s game for Gadar 3, his fees will defend on other factors.

Sunny Deol made an appearance on Rajat Sharma’s show Aap Ki Adalat, following the recent blockbuster success of his film Gadar 2, which has grossed an impressive Rs 511 crore at the box office so far.

When asked whether he would consider doing Gadar 3 in the future, Sunny Deol confidently said, “Gadar 2 laane ke liye main darr raha tha, Gadar 3 ke liye main taiyar hoon” (I was afraid when I was doing Gadar 2, but now I’m ready to do Gadar 3).

Addressing the topic of offers for sequels like Border 2, Ghayal 2 and Arjun 2, Sunny Deol explained, “I think the characters in these movies have made their place in the hearts of people. They want extensions of those characters… There was a time when Border 2 was being planned, but it could not happen. Now that this film (Gadar 2) has clicked, everybody is energetic, I think someday they will be made.”

When asked about reports suggesting that Sunny had been demanding Rs 50 crore for a film, the actor responded, “Look, it’s the producer who will decide how much to pay depending on how much he earns.” Pressed further on the idea of demanding a high fee after a movie earns Rs 500 crore, Sunny Deol said, “He will decide how much he can pay. I will not say, I’ll do or not do. I do not work like this. I like to be in projects where I am not a burden.”

Reflecting on the unexpected success of Gadar 2, Sunny Deol said, “I had no such expectations… when the first Gadar movie was made, it’s the people who made it a big hit. There was no digital world in those days. But we had that gut feeling that it would click. In those days, we did not go out for promotions… This time, before doing ‘Gadar 2,’ we, particularly our director, did a brainstorming. It was delayed, and the Covid pandemic began. When he told me about the idea, I liked it, and from then onwards, work began. I had this confidence that the people who liked ‘Gadar’ would also like this sequel. I knew either the movie would not click, or if it clicked, it would give the movie its due honor (izzat). This movie has kept its ‘izzat’ as a sequel.”

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