The Ideas of Panchathantram Make More Sense Than its Execution


Speaking of bland, the second short story follows Subhash who is desperately seeking a bride through the arranged marriage network and his problem seems to be that the women he meets are ‘girls’ and he is interested in a ‘woman’. Eventually, he does meet Lekha (Shivathmika Rajashekhar) who seems to be that woman. There are shades of Tharun Bhascker’s Pelli Choopulu in the way the families interact and the protagonists meet. Subhash even wears a white shirt but the short never aspires for the chaos of the former. It rather wants to have the neat finish of a Gautam Vasudev Menon’s idea of romance but barely any conflict. 

The film draws inspiration from Lunchbox that food can be allegorical for a couple to be made for each other. The medium of batter, spices, milk, and bread is the message of love the film argues. I laughed at the idea that Subhash’s favourite food relates to his childhood and the girl he loved then – maybe the filmmaker wants to tell us that he is just a boy, standing in front of a woman asking her to love him. 

But combined with the weak performances of leads and the lack of real meat in the drama, the film is reduced to an agony aunt advice column rather than a short film being told by the great Ved Vyas. 

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