Tiffany Haddish Told Leonardo DiCaprio She Wanted To Hook Up – But Only On This WILD Condition!

Tiffany Haddish wasn’t shy to tell Leonardo DiCaprio she wanted to “f**k” him when they met — but she only wanted a specific version of him in bed!

During her appearance on Thursday’s episode of The Howard Stern Show, the comedian recalled meeting the 49-year-old Titanic star and shooting her shot — which included one big condition! She dished:

“I told him, ‘I want to f**k, but only if you are your character out of What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.”

Wait, what?!

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In the movie, which also stars Johnny Depp, Leo plays Arnie Grape, a teen with special needs who is about to turn 18. That’s about the same age the actor was when he filmed the role, too, by the way. See what he looked like in the film (below):

Tiffany Haddish Told Leonardo DiCaprio She Wanted To Hook Up When They First Met – But With One ODD Condition!
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Yeah, this is messed up for so many reasons!

Howard was shocked to hear this reveal, too — and like us assumed she was probably kidding:

“Get out of here. You didn’t say that.”

His co-host Robin Quivers chimed in to say the film star was “cute even then as Arnie,” which caused The Afterparty star to double down, joking that she likes to date men “with a little bit of a disability.” Oh, gosh. Obviously, her plea to the hunk didn’t work and she’s “still working on” convincing him to have sex with her. She noted:

“I think I might be too old … I don’t think I’m his type.”

Yeah, the 44-year-old lost her chance with Leo about 20 years ago! LOLz!

But the Arnie thing? Not a joke, apparently! Or at least if it was she was keeping it up for Leo! Back in 2018, Tiff told Jimmy Kimmel about her Leo fantasies and said she told him! She recalled how when she told him, “he started laughing” and just got all professional, going into detail with her about how he prepared for that role. He was totally not into it. Hah!!

Back with Howard, the actress moved on from underage Leo from years back and went on to describe her actual “perfect man,” adding:

“Something like a Michael B. [Jordan] or Usher is handsome, Henry Cavill is handsome, Brad Pitt is handsome.”

She’d even go for the radio host, complimenting him on his “curly hair” and “nose.” As for personality traits, she detailed:

“Are they taking care of themselves health-wise. Do they like to have adventure? I love adventure. Let’s go on some kind of journey. Like, let’s go on a hike or let’s take a trip somewhere. Let’s go to an island.”

And while she didn’t stand a chance with Leonardo, the Girls Trip alum said she just got ahold of Lenny Kravitz‘s number, who just revealed he hasn’t had sex in nine years. She dished:

“I’m trying to decide, do I call him and ask him about this? ‘Cause this might be a match made in heaven.”

Hah! Hear more from this wild interview (below):

BTW, Leo might be back on the market soon. He’s been dating Vittoria Ceretti since last August — but as of today, she’s officially 26. Uh oh! If only Tiff was younger. LMFAO!

What do y’all think? Does she have a better shot with Lenny than Leo? Sound OFF (below)!

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