Tiger Nageswara Rao is going to be released in sign language too!

Tiger Nageswara Rao is going to be released in sign language too!

The upcoming film “Tiger Nageswara Rao,” directed by Vamsee and produced by Abhishek Agarwal, starring Ravi Teja in the lead role, is generating significant excitement. Set in the 1970s, the movie delves into the era when Stuartpuram in Andhra Pradesh was under the control of the notorious thief Tiger Nageswara Rao.

The recently released 150-second trailer kicks off with a scene in a warehouse where a group of outlaws is vying for control of the Guntur railway station. The trailer is described as being “inspired by true rumors” and introduces a character who tips off the police about an impending heist involving the Kakinada-Madras Circar Express. When questioned about the culprits, the informant boldly takes responsibility, stating, “I always give a warning before I hit someone or steal something.” The trailer emphasizes his hunger for power, desire for wealth, and pursuit of women.


The film also features Nupur Sanon, Gayathri Bharadwaj, Renu Desai, and Anupam Kher in pivotal roles. “Tiger Nageswara Rao” marks Ravi Teja’s first pan-Indian film and is scheduled for release on October 20, 2023.

In a surprising move, the film’s creators announced during the trailer launch that it would be released in sign language, making it accessible to audiences with hearing impairments. A separate trailer was presented to the community members during the event.

Lead actor Ravi Teja expressed his honor at the film’s sign language release, highlighting the dedication and training that went into his character portrayal. Director Vamsee emphasized that this unique story deserved a pan-India release and the inclusion of sign language to ensure everyone can enjoy it.

Producer Abhishek Agarwal believes the film will provide a thrilling blend of action and emotion, engaging audiences from start to finish. Anupam Kher, who plays a complex character in the film, shared his experience of working on the project, praising the teamwork and the dynamic direction of Vamsee.

Debuting in a lead role opposite Ravi Teja, Nupur Sanon expressed her pleasure in being part of this action-packed drama. She also takes pride in the film’s release in sign language, highlighting the incredible journey and the hope that audiences will enjoy the film as much as the cast enjoyed making it.

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