Trailer Of Mukhachitram: A Plastic Surgery Mystery

Trailer of Mukhachitram:  A Plastic surgery mystery

Vishwak Sen plays a significant role in this film. The film’s release date has been announced. The movie’s release date of December 9, 2022, was revealed along with the trailer today.


The movie is a combination of courtroom drama and thriller, according to the trailer. The entire plot of the movie centers around how three characters’ lives are impacted by plastic surgery. The trailer makes this claim. Vikas Vasishta, Chaitanya Rao, and Priya Vadlamani are the three principal characters, with Vishwak playing a lawyer. Suspense and intrigue are sparked by the trailer.

The director of “Color Photo,” Gangadhar, and writer Sandeep Raj collaborated on this picture. SKN is the movie’s presenter.

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