Urwa Hocane Lux Award Show Stunning Look Clicks with Massive Dressing


Urwa Hocane is a Pakistani drama and film actor with a lot of talent and hard work. She hasn’t entertained us in a very long time with her mesmerizing performance. Urwa is also an amazing model.

When asked about her divorce from Farhan Saeed, actress Urwa Hocane offered a hazy response, “Is it not sufficient for people to respect each other?

She stands out from her rivals because she has that spark in her personality. Tich Button is her first film as a producer, and it has yet to be released.

Urwa Hocane was on a talk show when the host asked her about her differences with Farhan Saeed and what was going on between them. Her fans were very upset about this because the host asked about their differences.

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