Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to in the Middle of Shahrukh Month?

Happy Wednesday! My pipes are (mostly) done! Next week, new sink gets installed finally! Ever since the whole “my kitchen flooded and the floor was destroyed” back in February, I’ve been using a really funky temporary sink and it is time for a real one. And then NO MORE KITCHEN CHANGES EVER.

I’ll start!

Reading: Finally finished Ponniyin Selvan! Thank you to those who commented on my discussion post and are helping me figure it out. And now, time to start SCARLET PIMPERNEL!!!! 10 days until our DCIB Book Club discussion!

Watching: I finally finished Deep Space 9! I have now watched every single Star Trek episode EVER, except for The Animated Series and Picard. Which of those two should I attempt next???? Or, do I change gears and do Farscape? Oh, I also watched Jawan for the 4th time in theaters and did Guddu as a watchalong, so my SRK love is still strong.

Thinking: I’m halfway done with Misery Week! Pipes are mostly done, then tomorrow plasterers put our walls back up, and this weekend I clean plaster dust off everything. Or not? Because Sink Man is planning to start soon and that’s just gonna be more plaster.

Listening: It’s Shahrukh Month, after all. Although weirdly, the best song from his newest film is more of a Dips song than him. But still a sign of his greatness that he signed on for a movie knowing Dips would steal it from him!

Okay, question for you! SRK themed, of course. Do you prefer him playing a Father or playing a Son? Which is more touching?

This probably says more about me than him, but I am more touched in his Father scenes. He has this great way of playing fatherhood that says “I am just trying my best to find my way through and enjoying the journey”. The opposite of the usual “Wise Perfect Parent” trope. He’s a good parent (except in KANK), but he doesn’t act like he knows everything, he acts like he’s making it up as he goes along, lead by his heart. Oh, and he clearly ENJOYS being a parent! We don’t often get to see male parent figures on screen seemingly enjoying being parents.

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