Woody Allen denies he’s been “cancelled”

Despite struggling to find U.S. distribution for his movies, director Woody Allen denies that he’s been “cancelled”.

woody allen cancelled

Woody Allen’s hit the Venice Film Festival to promote his latest film, Coup de Chance, a French-language noir that’s getting solid early buzz. While many say that Allen’s been cancelled due to re-surfaced allegations that he molested his daughter Dylan Farrow, the director says that’s not really the case and didn’t avoid the press when promoting his film. In an interview with Variety, Allen denied that he’s been cancelled. “I don’t know what it means to be canceled. I know that over the years everything has been the same for me. I make my movies. What has changed is the presentation of the films. You know, I work and it’s the same routine for me. I write the script, raise the money, make the film, shoot it, edit it, it comes out. The difference is not is not from cancel culture. The difference is the way they present the films. It’s that that’s the big change.”

The director maintained his innocence when asked about HBO’s recent documentary series, Allen v Farrow. “I don’t know what you can do besides having it investigated, which they did so meticulously. One was less than a year and the other one was many months. And they spoke to everybody concerned and, you know, both came to the exact same conclusion.” He also mentioned that he would like to potentially make his next film in New York, maintaining that he still thinks he could get an American film financed. “It’s not challenging enough so that over the years, you know, I still keep making films. I mean what was very challenging was Covid. That was a big challenge.” However, despite good buzz, Coup de Chance has yet to find an American distributor, and his last few films have only gotten small-scale releases Stateside.

Are you interested in seeing Coup de Chance? Let us know in the comments if you think the director’s latest should get U.S. distribution.

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