Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Try to Get Rid of Boxes!

Happy Saturday! I am drowning in shipping boxes. And then there’s the question of which ones I should keep back to ship stuff out in. It’s all very complex. I think I’m just gonna recycle everything and get it out of my house, and then deal with packing new boxes as it comes up.

First thing to talk about, I decorated my tree! The theme was “I don’t want to unpack stuff from the basement”. But I think it looks really nice! I don’t know why I ever bothered buying ornaments, this is great fun and I can just throw everything away in January.

Other things to talk about! Cirkus Trailer! Rohit Shetty’s long promised remake of Angoor, the 1970s classic comedy based on Shakespeare’s “A Comedy of Errors”. Two sets of twins, a hero and his comic servant, separated and then reunited and mistaken for each other over and over again. Hilarity ensues. And Shetty added on that one of the heroes has electrical powers? Not sure what he’s doing with that. But it does look fun!!!

Similar news, The Legend of Maula Jatt is rumored to be releasing in India opposite Cirkus on Christmas weekend. Hopefully that means it will be more available everywhere and some more of y’all can see the wonder!!!!

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